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Loft Cafe – Ly Tu Trong

July 28, 2016
Loft Cafe Ly Tu Trong

I’ve been inspired by Flip Flop Travellers to help other work-from-anywhere people find their perfect cafe and co-working space.

There are lots of bloggers rating their favourite work cafes, but some things that I found missing were whether the cafe served food (embarrassing if you’ve decided to bunker down for the entire day and woe, alas! there is no food), whether it was busy during lunch hour, power points (thanks Flip Flop Travellers), connectivity, suitability for online meetings and ergonomics. Let’s be honest. Most of these cafes are cafes, they’re not meant for us to sit in typing all day. They don’t care if you have adopted the pose of a baby rabbit in order to type – and why should they?

This format hasn’t been set in stone yet, so give me feedback if you think I should make some tweaks.

So without further ado, my first work cafe post. Loft Cafe, the Ly Ty Trong branch.


I love the idea of this cafe. Its employees are disadvantaged youth being trained in hospitality. It’s located in a hideaway building slated for demolition and is full of little shops, including an awesome womenswear boutique next door. It has those old tiles that are so hot right now- but in this case they’re actual old tiles. Love.

I worked here all day.

Note: There’s another Loft Cafe located on 95 Pasteur St.


Right across the road from Vincom Center. It’s pretty well signed. Look for a shop selling art while lots of artists make copies!


Amazing. The staff were lovely, it was quiet until lunch time.

Does It Serve Food


Lunch Rush

Yes. There was even a queue! Order lunch and keep the orders coming if you want to stay. If you don’t, I’m judging you.


Connection was mostly very strong, except for a few dropouts lasting several minutes at a time.

I had online meetings in here with no problem.

Power Points

Yep. and lots of them too.


One of the better ones so far! I can type with my hands at 90 degree angles! 😀


Address: 26 Ly Tu Trong, District 1


Image courtesy of The Loft, because my iPhone5 pics came out grainy.

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