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HELLO! : )

The world really doesn’t need another blog. I have one anyway.

About Yes, My Little Dumpling

Waaaaay back in the day, I used to daydream about opening up a small Asian grocery with a cute cafe up the front.

I would whack dinky cutesy labels on the groceries which explained everything in English (or enchanting delightful Engrish). I would serve hot drinks in mismatched china. I would NOT make use of flourescent lighting.

This never made it into real life of course, but the name stuck. I wanted to call the grocery/cafe “Yes, my little dumpling”.

Yes, you’re supposed to imagine an older gentleman saying that in a placating tone of voice.

Yes, I sometimes wonder how “my little dumpling” was ever viewed as a term of endearment.

and yes. Yes. It does make me think that a human “little dumpling” would be short and round.

Welcome to Yes, my little dumpling. I hope you enjoy your stay.


(someone just sent me this after the site was launched)

About Becca

I just kinda fell into becoming a digital nomad.

I earned my degree, I worked in advertising, media and marketing, and then I joined a startup called Envato. Envato is one of those startups you hear about that almost doesn’t sound real – they encourage you to travel 3 months a year, in order to empathise with their almost 50% remote workforce.

When my partner found a job in Vietnam, I said, “what the heck, let’s do this!”. We moved, and now I’m a digital nomad and I’ll be staying this way for at least another 3 years.

I’ll be freelancing, consulting, eating, bumbling and maybe even teaching. I think it’ll be fun.