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Coworking and Working from Cafe – Hong Kong September 2016

September 20, 2016

I’m only here for the quickest of quick visits, so I’ve lumped everything in one post.

Co Working Spaces & Wi-Fi Access in cafes

I should point out that co-working spaces in Hong Kong require a good deal more forward planning that I actually did. I flew to Hong Kong on the fly and didn’t really have time to do any research – I’d originally thought that I could just wing it.

It turns out that you need to book in with most coworking spots in HK. I belatedly applied for a few spots on the first day I was here, but was only here for 2 days, meaning that I never got around to visiting the coworking spaces. Having said that, I received very prompt replies from the places that I applied for.

Only a handful do day passes, and the cost is at about $300HKD per day (as of September 2016).

Here’s who I contacted and who responded quickly:

Garage Society (lightning fast!). If The Hive is the grand dame, Garage Society is the cool kid. There are some exciting companies working out of their offices, including General Assembly.

The Hive – of course they did. They’re the grand old dame of coworking spaces. 5 storeys or architect-designed space. I even received a welcome pack including pictures of the space. Lovely. This is a smooth operation and it shows.

other places that were interesting but I didn’t apply to:


On to Cafes

It turns out that Wifi is not a given in cafes, which is what I’d assumed. The few places that offer it seem to stipulate a 20min limit – even Starbucks.

Having said that, I found a few places with Wifi! Here are a few:

Coffee Academics

image courtesy of coffee academics

image courtesy of coffee academics

I visited The Morrison branch in Wan Chai, but all branches very kindly offer Wifi. They also offer rad coffee!

The Wifi supports conference calls, and the seats are comfy. There are also plenty of power points. You’ll see a few people Working from Cafe here, which is always a reliable sign.

Brunch Club Peel St

image courtesy of brunch club

image courtesy of brunch club

Apparently the spot to work from if you’re a writer, applying for jobs or working from cafe in general. There weren’t too many power points (the only one I saw was taken), but the area is lovely – quiet, there’s an air conditioned area as well as an outdoors area. Bonus points – it’s pet friendly. I rate this place, mainly because of the consistent wifi, but also sort of because I got to pat an awesome corgi named Marty.

Be warned. Peel Street is fairly steep. It’s kind of like Crocodile Dundee saying, “that’s not a hill, THIS IS A HILL”. Or maybe just reminiscent of San Francisco/Dubrovnik.

You can saunter down the hill and discover lots of cool cafes too.

A failed attempt

Please note that I tried to visit Capo’s Espresso – a promised land of free wifi in an Aussie style cafe and ended up at To Good*, a Hong Kong street food eatery tethering while my GM laughed at me as I had a conference call. Luckily, he has a sense of humour and my LTE held up! Needless to say, Gato is closed, and seems to have been for a long time.

*not a typo – I’d like to think it’s a salutation. To Good!

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Nest by AIA – Work Cafe

September 20, 2016

Nest aka Work Cafe is the AIA-backed sibling of Work Saigon, Saigon’s first co-working cafe.


This is a stunning workspace you can drop in to, payment is of course in food and drink. It’s currently my favourite place to work from in Saigon, along with Work Saigon. No I’m not being paid to say this.

There seems to be a Man In Charge who saunters about wearing an earpiece, he’s also in charge of the dubious music choices that always seem turned up to LOUD. Pack headphones, you may need them.

Another tip is there is only 1 toilet cubicle for women/disabled and 1 for men. If you’re feeling a little bit rushed, there are toilets just outside Work, across the way.


This one’s a no-brainer for flying visits. It’s in Bitexco, the tallest building in Saigon. No Uber or taxi driver has any excuse for not knowing where this is.

Does It Serve Food

Mainly pastries and cookies. They also serve smoothies and fizzes.

Lunch Rush

None, because it mainly serves pastries.


You have register your email address just once. It used to kick you out every hour, but seems to have stopped recently.

Power Points

Mucho multo. If you’re on the shared work desks (your most ergonomic option), ask for an extension cord from the cashiers if it’s not already set up.


Yes! Chairs, sofas, a bleacher of sorts with cushions and if you’re over 6ft, perhaps some standing desk kind of areas (provided you don’t need to type too much).

Address Bitexco Financial Tower, 2 Hai Trieu, District 1