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August 2016


Setting up house in Vietnam: Water world

August 9, 2016

Oh god the things they don’t tell you when you’re in a new country because it seems so blatantly obvious.

Hunting down a drinking water supplier has been a 2 week saga, and I only figured out how to do this because I um, asked a barista at a cafe. I kid you not. I walked up to a stranger and said, “hey, you work in the area I live in, how do you get your drinking water?”.

Luckily for me, the barista took pity on me and instead of saying, “go get your own honey smacks” actually gave me a straight answer.

So apparently this is how it works.

Each area has a drinking water supplier. I kind of imagine them to be godfather-like dons, cackling as they roll around with their hundreds of kegs of water, holding desperate thirsty people to ransom.

Anyway, you track one down, then you order a dispenser and two of these bottles of water for the dispenser because they don’t deliver just one. When you get one, it becomes markedly easier from then on as they paste their name and contact number on the dispenser.

You then text every time you need a delivery…and pay in cash.

make it rain

making it rain

Is this sounding more and more like a drug deal? Yes, I thought so. Refer to Godfather reference above.

This is after I was told my dispenser was out of stock the previous week and they’d call me when it was back in.

So I ordered my water, they called to confirm, and they wouldn’t give me a time for when they’re delivering the water. It was “sometime today or tomorrow morning”.

Well then, don’t mind me while I slowly mummify in the corner.

What do you do if you’re out? You know, like if you have a full time job? Is taking a day off from work to receive your water a legitimate thing?

Luckily, I live in an apartment with a concierge, so it won’t be that big of a drama. I’ll just do some crossfit training with 2 x 20L bottles whenever I get home. It’ll be fine.

I can’t open a bottle of Doritos salsa mind you, but I’ll be fine. Just fine.


Loft Cafe – Pasteur

August 9, 2016
Loft Pasteur

The sister cafe of Loft Cafe Ly Tu Trong, what it lacks in power points it makes up for in natural light.

From the photo, you can see that they’ve also tried to give a nod to the huge clock-like skylight from Ly Tu Trong in this metalwork partition.


What attracted me to Loft in the first place is that it offers jobs to former disadvantaged youth. It’s also located in older walkup flats, which I personally love.


The Pasteur St cafe is located on the 2nd floor (That’s American second floor, first floor for the Australians and Brits) in an little block of flats with open air parking for a pile of bikes.

Signage is pretty clear, so you’ll find it ok!


I only came for breakfast and stayed until 11am, but it seemed quieter than its Ly Tu Trong counterpart, which is perfect for working from.

In fact, someone else had the same idea and was already plugged in and typing away when I arrived.

It’s lighter and brighter, and has a small side section fitted with couches if you don’t really need to be plugged in.

Does It Serve Food

Yes, and it’s good. It also serves what I think is called banh mi chao, which is delicious! There’s lunch specials and a great breakfast menu.

Lunch Rush

Can’t say as I wasn’t there, but I’d hazard that it isn’t teeming.


Yes, and it worked! Probably less load.

Power Points

Due to more windows, there were obviously less walls for powerpoints. There are 3 main spots for ergonomic seats with power points, and the rest are comfier couches and seating – perfect for slouching in, if that’s your style.


Yes! You can type without throwing out your back.

Address: 95 Pasteur, District 1. Walk in and through the bike parking, it’s well signed so just follow the signs.